Reamers are designed for use on structural materials such as iron or steel and are suited for non-precision applications. Adjustable reamers have nuts and blades that can be changed to ream holes of various diameters. They are very easy to install and safe to handle.

HDD Drill Bit

HDD Drill Bit is a construction process that involves drilling a tunnel beneath a waterway or other defined location and then pulling a pipeline or other utility through the drilled underground tunnel. HDD allows for drilling beneath highways, lakes, or tough terrain while minimizing the impact on the environment and infrastructure.


Drill Head

Drill Head is designed to help you with any drilling-related task. All drill bits are titanium-coated, making them resistant to wear and tear and lasting a long time. Depending on the application, we provide adjustable axial pitch, exchange, and offset drill heads.


Hydraulic Products & Tools

Hydraulic Products & Tools are a catch-all word for low- to high-pressure tooling and equipment. These tools operate hydraulic machinery by using pressurized fluid. They employ a reservoir to store the fluid and a pump to transport it through the system while turning mechanical energy and motion into power.


Customized Jaws

We provide our customers with high-accuracy and quality-proven customized jaws that are developed just for them. Some of its features include ease of handling and operation, a greater rate of material removal, and the ability to modulate clamping and unclamping force by altering air or hydraulic pressure.


Sub - Saver

Sub Saver is a drill string supplemental tool and a small pipe that is removable and consumable without requiring a large investment. A technology that improves the ability to communicate data during the digging of a wellbore. Repetitive hammer vibrations may cause thread damage.


Drill Pipes

Drill Pipes are also designed to withstand pressure variations and must be able to support the whole weight of the deeper drilling components. These pipes are made by welding the threaded tool joint, the box tool joint, and the pin tool joint together.

Hydraulic Pumps

Hydraulic Pumps are devices in hydraulic systems that transport hydraulic fluid from one location to another, hence generating hydraulic power. They are a key device in the area of hydraulics, a type of power transmission that manages the energy that flowing fluids send while under pressure and converts it into mechanical energy.

Pulling Swiel

Pulling Swiel is the toughest swivel available. Three bearings and a longer shaft made of tool steel minimise the fold-over that can occur with conventional swivels. This is available in a variety of sizes and pulling capacities ranging from 4 to 150 tonnes.


Relief Valve

Relief Valve is a type of safety valve that is used to manage or restrict the pressure in a system. It was created to regulate or alleviate overpressure levels in any system, including the chemical, petrochemical, electricity, and oil and gas sectors.


Machine Repair Services

Machine Repair Services are ideal for more severely damaged machine components and equipment repairs. They also comprise the repair or adjustment of worn, damaged, or misaligned elements. Machine maintenance is the job that maintains mechanical assets working as efficiently as possible.

Air Filter

Air Filter may also be effective at removing smells and gaseous pollutants. Its primary job is to clean the air that passes through your HVAC system. Filters capture and retain a wide range of particles and pollutants that can harm your health and comfort. It serves as a carburation system silencer.


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